Hi, I'm Michelle.

Michelle Mattison is a JV connector and affiliate manager, with a specialty in the internet marketing, business opportunity, and financial niches.


Client Testimonials

"For a large part of the last decade I've managed my own joint venture relationships and strategic partnerships. It was a pain. But it was an even bigger pain to outsource my strategic partnerships to a capable affiliate manager. After several failed attempts at putting my business and reputation into the hands of lazy and irresponsible wannabes, I lost hope and stopped looking. Then, by sheer coincidence I heard Michelle, who I knew by dealing with a long time joint venture partner who has extremely high quality standards, is taking on clients. I pounced on the opportunity to work with her immediately. It's now been 6 months since we started and she has proven to be invaluable to the success of our recent offer. Best part, I keep getting complements for hiring her from my new joint venture partners!"

- Igor Kheifets

"We hired Michelle Mattison to line up affiliates to promote a major seminar. In previous years, we had tried to manage this internally without much success. She agreed to line up a predetermined number of speakers and generate a predetermined number of leads and did all of it with flying colors. It is unfortunately abnormal to hire vendors and have them deliver exactly as promised but Michelle did precisely that."

- Perry Marshall, Author 80/20 Sales and Marketing

A Few Of My Clients

Rich Schefren

Igor Kheifets

Kane Minkus

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